"Welkam" From The Secondary Principal

It is my great pleasure to wish you a very warm "Welkam" to the Secondary School.

Please feel free to explore our website to learn about theschool, the curriculum, our staff and students and why Woodford is so special.

If you can arrange a visit to the school either myself or another member of the School Leadership Teamwill be delighted to conduct you on a tour our great facilities and show you our students and teachers in action.

In Secondary we have approximately 150students from 15 different nationalities. 40% of our students hold overseas passports and 60% are Solomon Islands citizens. This combination allows us to offer small classes, individual attention and quality education in a multi-cultural environment. It is an experience that our alumnitell us they value for the rest of their lives.

We set, expect and achieve high academic standards with each individual student being challenged to meet their own potential. Although we are small, one of our real strengths is that each student is part of a close Homeroom group of not more than 22 students,cared for by a Homeroom teacher who is their first and most frequent point of contact in the school. Our teachers are well qualified and experienced and we are truly proud of the professional opportunities that Woodford International School provides.

If you could speak to our Secondary students, they would surely mention the fabulous "Woodford Culture' that prepares them to be both positive members of their community and responsible global citizens. They would comment on the opportunities for growth, the fun but rigorous curriculum,and our warm, caring environment. They would speak with pride of their role in school events such as assemblies, on the sporting field and in the arts.

If they, like you, were relatively new to Woodford International School they would tell you how welcoming the other students were, how a "buddy' took them under their wing until they knew the ropes and how events such as theInternational Day and Inter-House activities build a real and tangible "Woodford Culture' amongst our community.

We can't wait to "welkam" you to our special place!

Alex Haro

Principal, Secondary

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