Secondary School Prefects (2015)

The appointment to the position of Prefect is an honour accorded to a student by the School Community. It is an office which carries specific responsibilities. These are in three main areas:

  • The Prefect as a Student Leader
  • The Prefect as an example to other students
  • The Prefect as an ambassador for the school

Prefects are students who endeavour to be positive role models and provide leadership to the school.

They represent the school and provide assistance at a number of functions including the annual International Day, Tabloid sports, Sport Athletics Carnivals, Woody's Got Talent, High School Disco and other tasks as advised by the Secondary School Senior Leadership Team.

  • Prefects wear a special badge.
  • Congratulations to all our 2015 Prefects!
  • Elymor Villanueva (IGCSE 2A) Head Boy
  • Ruthie Holmes (IGCSE 2B) Head Girl
  • Alejandro Aswani (IGCSE 1A) Prefect
  • Danielle Grimm (IGCSE 1B) Prefect
  • ShawntellaMaiap (Year 8) Prefect
  • Mikaela Villanueva (Year 7A) Prefect
  • Shannon Kumar (Year 7B) Prefect
  • Leila Pennay (Year 6A) Prefect
  • Kaley Shortus (Year 6B) Prefect
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