Curriculum (Secondary)

Secondary School Curriculum

The Secondary curriculum in the past has modelled itself on the Queensland curriculum using an outcomes approach. 2013 marks the first year of Year 6 being part of the secondary school. The School Board has recently decided that the school offer Cambridge IGCSE for our Years 9 - 11 students. This internationally recognised and externally assessed programme will provide a solid education that is recognised for foundation studies in many universities around the world. Phasing in of the IGCSE will see Years 9 and 10 students commence their two year course in 2013. The current cohort of Year 11 students will sit their IGCSE exams in the November session 2013.

Years 6 - 8 students will follow a school developed curriculum that builds on the approaches to learning of the International Baccalaureate PYP while as the same time laying the foundations for progression to the IGCSE.

In 2013, students in Years 6 - 8 study the following:

Subjects Offered at WIS Years 6 - 8

Lessons per Week (x40 mins)

English 6
Maths 6
Science 5
SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) 5
Art (1 Semester of study) 4
Music (1 semester of study) 4
Physical Education (PE) 2
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 3
Personal Development (PD) 2
Design Technology (1 semester of study) 4
Agriculture (1 semester of study) 4
Drama 2

Woodford is committed to providing a world class, well-rounded education and to this end our Year 9 - 11 students choose from the following subjects:


IGCSE First Language English (compulsory)
IGCSE Mathematics (compulsory)
IGCSE Coordinated Science - Double Award (Compulsory)
IGCSE Geography
IGCSE Business Studies
IGCSE Travel and Tourism
IGCSE Information & Communication Technology
IGCSE Environmental Management
School Based Music
Personal Development
   Higher Aspirations
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