Mission, Vision and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

WIS Vision 

Globally ready learners, daring to dream, confident to act, empowered to achieve. 

WIS Mission

WIS is a community of learners that builds on each child's strengths, drawing from our diverse local context and a rich international curriculum, to develop globally ready learners equipped to shape their future and achieve their dreams. 

WIS Values 

Courage – to try new things, to embrace challenges, to dream big and pursue our dreams, to stand up for what is right, to express our ideas and feelings

Respect – for each other in all we do, for different points of view, for different cultures and backgrounds, for school and others’ property

Excellence – aiming high and doing our best, commitment to continuous improvement and lifelong learning

Diversity – valuing the diversity of our community; being open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities

Integrity – being honest, doing the right thing, standing up for what is right, doing our fair share, doing what we say we will do

Teamwork – working together; recognising, appreciating and utilising each other’s strengths; sharing our own strengths and efforts

   Higher Aspirations
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