Message From Head of School

I am well aware that finding the right school for your children can be a worrisome and difficult experience. This is especially true for those of you who are either new to the Solomon Islands or indeed are relatively new to parenthood. I am sure you all share my belief that the academic success of your children along with their overall welfare and happiness are what you are looking for a school to concern itself with. Here at Woodford we are striving for exactly that. Indeed, we strive to combine these two aims perfectly with a determination to make rigorous education fun but not frivolous.

Our vison is clear we seek globally ready learners, daring to dream, confident to act, empowered to achieve. We try to bring out the artist in your child not just in the field of the arts but in all they do. Creativity, enthusiasm, and enjoyment will allow Woodford students to go just that little further. They will achieve the confidence to speak out, to perform and to meet challenges. They will develop their imagination to see local and global issues through different lenses and with a truly global perspective and they will have received an internationally accredited and externally examined curriculum.

Here at Woodford we are proud of a talented teaching staff who are ably delivering internationally accredited courses from the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the Cambridge International Examination body.  Our curriculum was chosen because it embodies the principles of enquiry, discovery and engagement we consider vital for today’s youngsters.  It also provides the discipline and rigour still so necessary for academic success and allows students to develop confidence and assuredness when dealing with school and life issues.  Our school culture inspires students to participate in performance and discussion and encourages empathy and compassion when seeking an understanding of local and global issues. So that whether engaged in learning in the classroom, or through musical, artistic, sporting, enterprising or charitable activities, our students are encouraged to connect with their local, national and international communities and to have a desire to do good.

Come and meet us here.

   Higher Aspirations
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