The school started in the mid 1950’s with about a dozen pupils. It was government run and was housed in a succession of buildings in central Honiara. The NPF Plaza now stands on the original site. By the early 1970’s the need for a new school was recognised and in the latter half of the 1970’s a new Woodford School Project was included in the Solomon Islands National Development Plan.

This project recognised "that a primary education system offering a curriculum meeting international standards is a critical infrastructure requirement necessary to support Solomon Islands’ objectives of attracting investment and technical expertise. In 1979, one year after the Solomon Islands achieved independence from Great Britain, Woodford School moved to new school buildings that had been designed and built with British aid.

A year later, a Board of Management was legally instituted to assume administration of the school, and in September 1989, the school’s name was changed to Honiara International School. Later the name was finalised and is now known as Woodford International School.

The name Woodford being taken from Sir Charles Woodford (1852-1927) a British naturalist who was an instrumental figure in the Solomon Islands prior to independence and its first British governor serving in office from 1896-1915.

Woodford International School became an authorised IB World School in 2010 offering the Primary Years Programme PYP).

IB World Schools share a common philosophy — commitment to a high quality, challenging, international education. Woodford believes the PYP accurately reflects and supports our overall mission providing a suitable structure and the necessary rigour to enhance the realisation of the goals and aspirations we hold for all our students.

In 2013 Woodford International School introduced the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) to its Year 9 – 11 students. IGCSE is administered by Cambridge International Examinations and for the first time our secondary students will have the opportunity to undertake a rigorous and internationally recognised programme of study.

Woodford International School opened its doors to its first cohort of 11 students in Year 2013.

   Higher Aspirations
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