Secondary School Camp Programme

All students in Years 6 - IGCSE1 (Yr9) attend a Camp.


Our camps are an integral part of the Secondary School curriculum and therefore contribute to the fulfillment of the School's Mission Statement. All students are required to attend as they provide an opportunity to develop social and emotional skills through experience. One of the main aims is to involve students in activities and situations which they may not have experienced before, thereby encouraging them to think about the values which they are applying and the attitudes they adopt. Each visit is designed to provide opportunities for academic, personal and social development.

A thorough risk assessment is carried out for each camp and all efforts are made to ensure security and safety for all.

NB - There are additional costs associated with camp, and classes are encouraged to fundraise. In the event of a shortfall an additional cost will be levied to parents in the following term's fees.

Year 6 Camp - Focus - SOSE

In Year 6 the students attend a two - day, one night Camp at Aruligo. The camp is held in the first half of term one. The focus of this camp is to build a cohesive year group in the first year of secondary schooling and to undertake fieldwork skills in relation to their SOSE unit on coasts.

Year 7 Camp - Focus - The Arts

Students in Year 7 undertake a 3 - day, 2 night camp at SWIM in the first half of term 2. This camp aims to continue developing good interpersonal and communication skills. The curriculum focus of this camp is the ARTS and students will be undertaking activities that help cultivate their creativity.

Year 8 Camp - Focus - History and Community Service

Students in Year 8 return to Aruligo for a longer camp of 3 - days, 2 nights. The camp will be held in the second half of Term 2. As with previous camps the focus on team building continues but activities are also designed to encourage leadership and independence. There is a community service element with students engaging with local school students. The curriculum component of the camp ties with the SOSE unit on World War Two in the Pacific and sees the students visiting important historical sites.

IGCSE1 (Year 9) - Focus - Community Service and Leadership

Students in IGCSE 1 attend a camp based at SWIM. Here they have the opportunity to showcase all the leadership, creativity, independence, service, physical activity and supportive teamwork they have developed over the previous 3 years. Students will participate in a community service initiative, teamwork challenges and the highlight of the trip - a full day trek to Tenaru Waterfalls (weather permitting).

IGCSE2 (Year 10) - Focus - Leadership and Managing IGCSE

Students in the final year of their IGCSEs do not attend an overnight camp. Instead a day is devoted off - campus to developing their leadership and study and stress management skills. This day is held in term 1.

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