Enrolment Application

Application No : 2018/WSI/01

Please complete the application honestly and thoroughly. We rely on the information you provide to make the best judgment we can when placing your child in our school. Failure to disclose important information about your child may mean that their enrolment is delayed or withdrawn

Personal Details
First Name : 
Surname / Family Name : 
Name to be known as at school (if different from above) : 
Date of Birth :    Gender :    Nationality : 
Anticipated starting date :  Date of Application : 
Are there any other family members currently attending Woodford (If Yes, please state Year levels)
Does your child have access to a computer at home?   To the internet?  
Main Language spoken at home : 
Educational Details (Please complete this section only if you child has attended school elsewhere)
What age did they start school?  Current Year Level : 
Previous school attended How many years have they attended this School Grade completed at this School Country Language of Instruction
Does your child have any special education needs? (if YES please give details and include documentation)
 At what level do you hope your child to be placed (please tick below)
ECE :  
Primary :      
Secondary :    
Contact Details
Father’s Full name :  Mother’s Full Name : 
Home Phone :  Home Phone : 
Office Phone :  Office Phone : 
Mobile No :  Mobile No : 
Email-ID :  Email-ID : 
Fathers Workplace :  Mothers Workplace : 
& Office Email-ID :  & Office Email-ID : 
Please advise who will be paying for school fees, their full address, phone contacts and email address (if NOT the parents):
Reason for Enrolment:
Date of Arrival in Honiara (Applicant) : 
Is there anything about your personal circumstances of which the school should be aware of:
Emergency Contact Details
Full name :  Full Name : 
Home No :  Home No : 
Mobile No :  Mobile No : 
Email-ID :  Email-ID : 
Their relation to you :  Their relation to you : 
Medical History
Please outline any medical information about your child that may impact on their education e.g allergies / sigh or hearing problems etc
Does your child wear glasses in class  

I certify that the information I have given in this application is true and accurate:

Full Name (Parent / Guardian) : 
Parent / Guardian Signature :  Date : 

Medical Permission

Normally you will be consulted about medical treatment for your child is outside basic first aid. There may however be circumstances when urgent treatment is needed or when we are able to get hold of you or your emergency contacts. We would like your permission to administer the treatment that we see is best in this circumstance.

I consent for the staff to take whatever action they deem necessary in the case of a medical emergency.

Parent / Guardian Signature :

Date : 

Field Trip Permission

Students at Woodford International School often participate in curricular activities such as class excursions, sporting activities and other school associated trips. Prior to the event taking place, parents will be notified of the particular activity by the class teacher or school, but this permission below means we don’t have to collect permission slips for each individual trip.

I give permission for my child to take part I school excursions and to travel by bus or private car when necessary in order to do so.

Parent / Guardian Signature :

Date : 

Business Regulations

Application for enrolment must be made on the official Application for Enrolment form and be accompanied by the fee of $1000 that is not refundable.

Application does not entitle the student to admission to the School and the Head of School reserves the right to determine final enrolment to the school.

Prior to initial admission payment of the annual registration or seat fee of $4000 will be required. For subsequent years of enrolment payment of the registration will be due on or before the final day of Term 4 in the previous year. Non-payment by the due date will result in a child’s space or seat in class being declared vacant and a re-application fee of $1000 will then apply without any guarantee of a space or seat being available.

Students are admitted to the School on the understanding that all fees at the published scale will be paid in full at the commencement of each accounting period (term) or within 14 days of receipt of the account. The Business Manager or accounts executive is authorised by the School Board after consultation with the Head of School, to take any steps deemed necessary to recover unpaid fees or accounts, including interest and recovery costs. Unless special arrangements are made in extenuating circumstances, the student in respect of whom fees are unpaid will not be allowed to continue attending the School.

In all instances, ultimate responsibility for the payment of fees remains with the parent and in signing the enrolment application form the parent guarantees to fulfil all financial obligations in respect of their child(ren).

One full term notice (10 weeks) in writing is required if a student is to be withdrawn from the school or withdrawn from the enrolment list. A full term fees are to be paid in lieu of such notice.

The School reserves the right to discipline, suspend or expel any student who breaks the school rules or who in the opinion of the Head of School, is guilty of behaviour prejudicial to the welfare of the School. If in the opinion of the Head of School, it is desirable in the interests of the school that a student’s enrolment should not continue any longer, the Head of School may notify the parent or guardian to that effect and debar the student from further attendance.

It is understood that before a student takes up a place, parents will be required to sign an agreement with the School relating to Business regulations and disciplinary matters.

In addition, as part of the School community, parents acknowledge their responsibility to adhere to the constitution and in so doing support the decisions of the Head of School and the School Board. Actions that are contrary to the best interest of the School or performing a negligent, unlawful or wilful act that causes any detriment, loss, damage or disrepute of the School will constitute grounds for the cancellation of enrolment.

The School reserves the right to alter from time to time, these enrolment procedures and business regulations, including any amounts contained therein.

The revised documents will be those considered applicable for all students enrolled at the time revision.

  I  have read and understood the above regulation and agree to abide by them.
   Higher Aspirations
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